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MLP Stamp by 3D-BITES MLP Stamp by 3D-BITES
Before you MLP fans start getting all butt-hurt from this ONE LITTLE STAMP, I want to let you know a few things:
1. I don't hate all MLP fans. Only the creepy ones that create all the porno pics.

2. I also dislike the MLP fans who get all defensive when someone insults their precious TV show.

3. Understand that as you are entitled to your own opinion, I'm also entitled to mine and that I have every right to dislike MLP as you have every right to like it.

4. Yes, I know that MLP is a teen's show, I actually watched an episode. I'm not saying the show's for babies.

5. I'm open-minded to all your opinions, as long as it's told in a civilized manner. Screaming your head off is only going to prove how 'childish' and 'immature' the fandom can actually get.


I'm so going to get hated on for this. But totally worth it!

This is only directed towards the annoying and uncivilized part of the fandom.

I used a base for the stamp:…

EDIT: okay, please stop asking me,"Y U NO LIKE THE SHOW??" for one, it's all up there ^^ and two, i don't even dislike the show. actually, i think it's a pretty okay show and have watched the entire first season. so yeah. stahp.

EDIT 2: disabled comments, this is so old and people still wanted to argue about the stamp. i no longer go by the above "reasons". once again, i don't hate the show OR the fandom. so yeah. no more comments since people apparently don't know how to read.
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January 15, 2012
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